April 21, 2024


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A First Look at Copyright Claims Board (CCB) Filings

Now marks the 1-month anniversary of the Copyright Promises Board, so I assumed it is a fantastic opportunity to consider a extremely fast snapshot of the filings we have observed so far. My dataset.

Quantity of Filings. The CCB has acquired 58 filings so significantly. That tasks a total of about 700 filings each year. 10 statements have not been publicly posted to the website still (which includes some of the before filings–what’s the holdup?). All further more stats relate to the 48 statements I could evaluation.

Smaller Promises. The CCB provides copyright entrepreneurs the alternative to cap damages at $5,000 and get an even extra streamlined adjudication. I was not certain how lots of copyright homeowners would choose this possibility because, at some position, it’s not worth pursuing such lower-benefit statements. Hence, I was a very little surprised to see that 9 claims (19%) have chosen this possibility.

Sorts of Performs at Issue. I anticipated the CCB to be dominated by photographers, and unsurprisingly images are the #1 get the job done at issue. Even so, only 19 of the claims (40%) contain photos–a lower percentage than I would have expected.

In this article is the breakdown of will work (take note: 1 declare consists of both equally shots and artwork, so I counted the claim in both equally groups):

Pics: 19
Audio: 10
Artwork: 8
Movies: 6
Literary: 4
Other: 2

I absolutely did not hope this lots of audio and movie cases in the CCB. Frequently, individuals functions are expensive to get ready and probably superior-worth, so I thought the $15k/perform cap in the CCB would be way too small for those varieties of performs.

Factors I Did not Search At. To speed issues up, I did not look at: (1) no matter whether the copyright owner was represented by a attorney at the CCB, (2) if the copyright proprietor experienced a registration in hand at the time of submitting or just an software, and (3) how numerous statements include 512(f), either completely (I believe that only 1?) or as an additional assert.


  • This declare towards SiteJabber is dependent on emblems, not copyright. Oops.
  • Various acquainted names have already appeared at the CCB, such as Sedlik, Barry Rosen, and Higbee. For people of you who don’t forget the musician Michelle Stunned, she’s designed two filings.
  • Looking at this mask built me giggle.

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