June 13, 2024


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Biglaw Attorney Results in being Impromptu Champion Of D.C.

Amidst all the awful of yesterday, there was a viral instant caught by Norwegian journalist Veronica Westhrin capturing the stress and horror of D.C. citizens observing their town get defaced by a gang of ignorant white supremacists high on delusions of popular voter fraud and whipped into a frenzy by a deranged lame duck president.

But it turns out we have a Biglaw attorney right here.

A white man standing on his stoop yelling at the rioters besieging the city and a Black lady passing by in her auto share their anger and sorrow as an unprecedented assault took position in their city. Neighbors connecting in a crisis.

BarredinDC did some digging and managed to score an job interview with #guyonporch, who turns out to be Peter Tracey, Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie. Tracey defined how he ended up in a viral video:

I agreed with the Mayor’s direction that we need to not have interaction. But I noticed this pair walking back with the Trump flag unfurled. I just allow them have it. I have accomplished that a few situations at these last few rallys and have allow my ideas be recognised. But it just took place that a Norwegian Television crew was outdoors and filmed the complete point.

Tracey informed BarredInDC that he thinks the situation that yesterday should really drive absolutely everyone to concentrate “on the disparity among the way that men and women of shade would have been taken care of experienced they carried out the identical thing versus the child glove treatment that these guys got yesterday.” But he also touched on the relevance of strategically deploying his individual white privilege:

This is just what white privilege is. You know what, I experienced white privilege to be ready to sit there and scream that crap. I get that.

In the meantime, this accidentally captured expression of group underscores the great importance of DC statehood. Anyone who thinks this area is not its have entity and can just be ported off to Maryland or a little something has no thought what goes on there. To that end….

That appears like a very good thought.

An Job interview with the Porch Guy [Barred In DC]

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