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The Associated Press – Mar 26, 2022 / 7:00 am | Story: 364075

Taylor Hawkins, for 25 years the drummer for Foo Fighters and best friend of frontman Dave Grohl, has died during a South American tour with the rock band. He was 50.

There were no immediate details on how Hawkins died, although the band said in a statement Friday that his death was a “tragic and untimely loss.”

Foo Fighters had been scheduled to play at a festival in Bogota, Colombia, on Friday night. Hawkins’ final concert was Sunday at another festival in San Isidro, Argentina.

“His musical spirit and infectious laughter will live on with all of us forever,” said a message on the band’s official Twitter account that was also emailed to reporters. “Our hearts go out to his wife, children and family.”

The Foo Fighters are scheduled to play at Penticton’s South Okanagan Events Centre Oct. 1, but it’s not yet clear how Hawkins’ death will impact the band’s current tour.

Police vehicles, an ambulance and fans were gathered outside the hotel in northern Bogota where Hawkins was believed to have been staying.

“It was a band I grew up with. This leaves me empty,” Juan Sebastian Anchique, 23, told The Associated Press as he mourned Hawkins outside the hotel.

Colombian police confirmed the death but gave no details. The U.S. Embassy in Bogota expressed its condolences in a tweet.

After Grohl, Hawkins was the most recognizable member of the group, appearing alongside the lead singer in interviews and playing prominent, usually comic, roles in the band’s memorable videos and their recent horror-comedy film, “Studio 666.”

Hawkins was Alanis Morrissette’s touring drummer when he joined Foo Fighters in 1997. He played on the band’s biggest albums including “One by One” and “On Your Honor,” and on hit singles including “My Hero” and “Best of You.”

In Grohl’s 2021 book “The Storyteller,” he called Hawkins his “brother from another mother, my best friend, a man for whom I would take a bullet.”

“Upon first meeting, our bond was immediate, and we grew closer with every day, every song, every note that we ever played together,” Grohl wrote. “We are absolutely meant to be, and I am grateful that we found each other in this lifetime.”

It’s the second time Grohl has experienced the death of a close bandmate. Grohl was the drummer for Nirvana when Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

Tributes poured out on social media for Hawkins on Friday night.

“God bless you Taylor Hawkins,” Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello said on Twitter along with a photo of himself, Hawkins and Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Ferrell. “I loved your spirit and your unstoppable rock power.”

“What an incredible talent, who didn’t also need to be so kind and generous and cool but was all those things too anyway,” tweeted Finneas, Billie Eilish’s brother, co-writer and producer. “The world was so lucky to have his gifts for the time that it did.”

Born Oliver Taylor Hawkins in Fort Worth Texas in 1972, Hawkins was raised in Laguna Beach, California. He played in the small Southern California band Sylvia before landing his first major gig as a drummer for Canadian singer Sass Jordan.

Hawkins told The Associated Press in 2019 that his early drumming influences included Stewart Copeland of The Police, Roger Taylor from Queen, and Phil Collins, who he said was “one of my favorite drummers ever. You know, people forget that he was a great drummer as well as a sweater-wearing nice guy from the ’80s, poor fella.”

When he spent two years in the mid-1990s drumming for Morrissette, he was inspired primarily by the playing of Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins.

“My drums were set up like him, the whole thing,” Hawkins told the AP. “I was still sort of a copycat at that point. It takes a while and takes a little while to sort of establish your own sort of style. I didn’t sound exactly like him, I sound like me, but he was a big, huge influence.”

He and Grohl met backstage at a show when Hawkins was still with Morrissette. Grohl’s band would have an opening soon after when then-drummer William Goldsmith left. Grohl called Hawkins, who was a huge Foo Fighters fan and immediately accepted.

“I am not afraid to say that our chance meeting was a kind of love at first sight, igniting a musical ‘twin flame’ that still burns to this day,” Grohl wrote in his book. “Together, we have become an unstoppable duo, onstage and off, in pursuit of any and all adventure we can find.”

Hawkins first appeared with the band in the 1997 video for Foo Fighters’ most popular song, “Everlong,” although he had yet to join the group when the song was recorded. He would, however, go on to pound out epic versions of it hundreds of times as the climax of Foo Fighters’ concerts.

In another highlight of the group’s live shows, Grohl would get behind the drums and Hawkins would grab the mic to sing a cover of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”

“The best part of getting to be the lead singer of the Foo Fighters for just for one song is I really do have the greatest rock ‘n’ roll drummer on the planet earth,” Hawkins said before the song in a March 18 concert in Chile.

Grohl can be heard telling him to shut up.

Hawkins also co-starred in Foo Fighters’ recently released horror-comedy film, “Studio 666,” in which a demonic force in a house where the band is staying seizes Grohl and makes him murderous. Hawkins and the other members of the band are killed off one by one. The premise came out of their work on their 10th studio album at a home in Los Angeles.

He also drummed and sang for the side-project trio Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders. They released an album, “Get the Money,” in 2006.

Hawkins is survived by his wife Alison and their three children.

BANG Showbiz – Mar 26, 2022 / 4:00 am | Story: 364070

LeBron James won Worst Actor at the 2022 Razzie Awards.

The annual Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony – highlighting the worst in film – awarded the basketball star the prize for his leading role in ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’.

The movie also won Worst Screen Couple and Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel but it was beaten to the Worst Picture award by Netflix’s version of the Princess Diana Broadway musical, ‘Diana’.

‘Diana’ scooped five awards in total, including Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Actress, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.

The Razzies also gave Bruce Willis his own special category, Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie, with eight films nominated.

His performance in ‘Cosmic Sin’ won the award the prize.

Will Smith – who has won four Razzies throughout this career – received the Redeemer Award for his role in ‘King Richard’, beating off competition from Jamie Dornan and Nicolas Cage.

Previous winners of the category include Eddie Murphy in 2020 and Melissa McCarthy in 2019.

The Razzies, self-described as the “ugly cousin to the Oscars,” was created in 1980 by UCLA film school graduates and film industry veterans John J.B. Wilson and Mo Murphy.

2022 Razzie Awards Winners

Worst Picture – ‘Diana the Musical’

Worst Actor – LeBron James ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Worst Actress – Jeanna de Waal ‘Diana the Musical’

Worst Supporting Actress – Judy Kaye ‘Diana the Musical’

Worst Supporting Actor – Jared Leto ‘House of Gucci’

Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 MOVIE (Special Category) – Bruce Willis ‘Cosmic Sin’

Worst Onscreen Couple – LeBron James and Any Warner Cartoon Character ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Worst Remake, Rip-off or Sequel: ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’

Worst Director – Christopher Ashley ‘Diana the Musical’

Worst Screenplay – ‘Diana the Musical’

BANG Showbiz – Mar 25, 2022 / 4:36 pm | Story: 364045

Daniel Radcliffe has a “really nice life”.

The 32-year-old actor – who has been in a relationship with Erin Darke for a decade – couldn’t be happier with how things are going for him personally and professionally.

He told People magazine: “I’ve got a really nice life. I’ve been with my girlfriend for a decade pretty much. We’re really happy.

“I just got to make the Weird Al movie, which is honestly one of the most pleasurable, exciting experiences in my career. I’m doing the last season of ‘Miracle Workers’ this year and then another Broadway show. So it’s a good year, man. I’m really happy with how it’s all going so far.”

Daniel and Erin met on the set of ‘Kill Your Darlings’ and the actress filmed an episode of the actor’s comedy series ‘Miracle Workers’ last year.

And the ‘Swiss Army Man’ star found it “special” to work with his girlfriend again, though they don’t want to film together regularly.

He said: “We definitely like [working together], but it’s not something we want to do all the time.

“We obviously met on film and so getting to do stuff on Miracle Workers with her last year was incredibly special and felt lovely. Hopefully we’ll get to do more in the future, but we also both write, so maybe we’d write something together at some point, and that would be cool.”

Daniel can next be seen as a billionaire treasure hunter in ‘The Lost City’ and he admitted the adventure comedy is his girlfriend’s “favourite” project of his because she loves his co-star, Sandra Bullock, so much.

He said: “I think this film might be one of her favorites that I’ve ever done, because she is a gigantic Sandra Bullock fan.

“When I told her a script’s come in, before I’d read it, and I was like, ‘Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock [are in it],’ she was like, ‘You have to do this!’ I mean, there was no debate about it. I also wanted to.”

The British star loved making the movie but, much to the disappointment of his female friends, he didn’t get to meet Brad Pitt, who has a cameo in the film.

He said: “I had no scenes with him. And every woman in my life is furious that I didn’t meet him.

“They were all just like, ‘Why didn’t you just go on set?’ And I said, ‘I’m not going to go on set and be like, ‘Hey, Mr. Pitt, I’m Dan. Nice to meet you.’

“So I didn’t. I didn’t meet him.

“But I can still say, ‘I’m in a film with Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum.’ You sometimes step outside of your body and go, ‘That is cool, man.’ “

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