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Larceny in South Carolina – SeiferFlatow, PLLC

Prospects are you have listened to the time period “larceny” talked about as a spectator, whether in news stories, law enforcement stories, social media posts, or your most loved criminal offense drama series. But if you are facing rates of larceny, it is vital to know what is viewed as larceny in South Carolina and what variety of punishments it can carry.

larceny in south carolina

In South Carolina, larceny is defined as unlawfully taking house that belongs to an additional person, without having pressure, and with the intent to completely deprive that particular person of the home. In other text, larceny is the authorized expression for the non-violent theft of somebody else’s personal home without the intent to ever give it back again. 

It must be famous that larceny is usually carried out without the use of drive or violence. Theft carried out by drive is ordinarily both categorized as armed theft or sturdy armed theft, which are absolutely distinctive charges. Most usually, larceny is dedicated when the real proprietor of the property isn’t even current.

It really should also be mentioned that it is essential for a prosecutor to establish intent in a larceny case. Getting a person else’s house without having their know-how, but with strategies to return it, is not considered larceny, but instead borrowing without the need of permission. Though not a excellent factor to do, this is not typically deemed a criminal offense apart from in unique instances.

Larceny can be charged as possibly a misdemeanor or a felony. 

Ordinarily, larceny fees in South Carolina slide less than 1 of two classes as laid out in South Carolina Code of Laws Segment 16-13-30: petit larceny or grand larceny. Like most states, South Carolina differentiates larceny costs centered on the benefit of the stolen house: 

  • Petit larceny: Often referred to as “petty larceny” or “petty theft”, petit larceny is larceny the place the stolen house is valued at underneath $2000. 
  • Grand larceny: Larceny where the stolen home is valued in excess of $2000 is categorized as grand larceny less than South Carolina legislation.

Larceny costs fluctuate in severity and implications, relying what classification the larceny falls into. 

Petit larceny is a misdemeanor demand that is tried out in Magistrates Court or Municipal Court, South Carolina’s lesser courts. A conviction of petit larceny can carry a penalty of up to 30 days in jail or a great of up to $1000. 

As a more significant crime, grand larceny is a felony charge that is attempted in Normal Sessions courtroom. A grand larceny conviction is divided into two different classes for sentencing:

  • If the stolen property is valued as much more than $2000 but fewer than $10,000, a conviction carries up to a five-yr jail sentence or a high-quality in an sum that is at the court’s discretion. This is a Course F felony.
  • If the stolen house is valued at additional than $10,000, a conviction carries up to a 10-yr jail sentence or a wonderful in an amount that is at the court’s discretion. This is a Class E felony.

If you are dealing with charges of larceny in South Carolina, you’ll want a knowledgeable criminal lawyer on your facet to help you build a strong defense. The authorized team at SeiferFlatow understands that even just an accusation of larceny can have a destructive influence on your lifetime and will fight on your behalf to provide the best probable result for you. Speak to our South Carolina office environment to plan a consultation.