February 26, 2024


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Law And Order Is Already Losing A Major Star For Season 22 In Surprise Departure

Law & Order is saying goodbye to a major star, with the news breaking just one week after the Season 21 finale, which was also the first revival season. The revival was headlined by Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson as the two familiar faces from the original run of the series, but now one is officially not going to be back. Anthony Anderson is not returning as Detective Kevin Bernard for Season 22 despite earlier indications that he would be back.

Anthony Anderson’s initial deal to return as Kevin Bernard was for one season, and Deadline reports that he returned to help relaunch Law & Order with no plans to stay beyond Season 21. Despite this, Season 21 ended without any indication that Anderson wouldn’t be back or that Cosgrove would be in need of a new partner with Bernard gone. It was a finale without any cliffhangers