May 22, 2024


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Men Bias is a Fallacy in Child Custody

Child Custody Statistics And Gender Bias

Navigating a child custody can be challenging for any parent. If you are a father, you may feel like it would be an uphill task fighting for your rights to care for your children. However, child custody works in favor of both parents.

While historically most fathers end up losing custody to their children, you can get fair representation for your child custody case. However, you need the right lawyer to represent you. Child custody attorneys Fort Worth TX, represents your best interest while you fight to raise your child. Here are four ways you can make child custody smooth.

  1. Be present

Many fathers are always on the move. While you may have a justification why you are not with your family, the court will not look into that. An absentee parent cannot take care of a child. It is essential for the father seeking to gain custody be present at all times.

Fathers should also consider taking up activities with their children. If you are there for your child and never miss a moment, chances are you have an advantage for the custody. 

  1. Financial ability

As a male parent, you have to prove your financial stability. You can use your earning power to argue that you will provide your child a good life that your ex-spouse may provide yet are essential. Showcase your financial power by showing how you cater for the child’s needs without financial assistance from the government or good will. 

You can also portray the things you can effortlessly provide that will benefit the child. For instance, our lawyers can prove that you live in a better house closer to the child’s school. We can also cite how you contribute massively for the child’s medical insurance and support their after-school activities. 

  1. Good references

Find good references to support you in court. For instance, a co-worker who has been around you while with your child can testify or provide a sworn affidavit. You have no need to worry about this. We will make sure to collect all relevant information and get as many people as possible who can speak highly of your parenting skills.

  1. Show willingness to accommodate the other parent

While you may want to look like the good parent, proving willingness to co-parent can be a huge gain. The court always wants the best for the child and supports joint custody. However, if the judge detects hostility from one parent to the other, they may likely lose the custody. 

If you are having trouble with your child custody, get in touch with Child custody attorneys Fort Worth, TX to help you with your case. They will offer the best advice and work to get your child back.