September 22, 2023


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Russian Dissenters Fleeing Putin Often Face Abusive Immigration Detention Upon Arrival in the US

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Conditions in immigration detention centers are adequately negative that a single Russian dissenter who professional them explained to the Periods that “I arrived to realize that I had remaining Russia for a area that was just like Russia.”

Without extra in depth knowledge, it is not apparent whether or not Russian asylum seekers are subjected to in particular bad therapy because of their nationality, or whether they are “basically” remaining subjected to abuse at identical rate as other asylum seekers. But, either way, the problem is unconscionable.

The final resolution to the plight of asylum seekers to is a main normal liberalization of immigration coverage that would make the approach of entering the US lawfully a lot much easier, more obtainable, and quicker. But even in the confines of the existing procedure, there are several additional humane possibilities to extended immigration detention.

In former writings, I have defined in some detail why opening Western doorways to Russians fleeing Putin is the ideal policy on ethical, strategic, and economic grounds (see listed here, below, and below). Carrying out so would simultaneously rescue men and women from horrific oppression, promote US financial advancement and scientific innovation, deprive Putin of worthwhile manpower, and give us a leg up in the the worldwide war of tips against Putin’s routine. The circumstance has been furthered strengthened by Putin’s “partial mobilization” get, which topics hundreds of countless numbers of Russians to the grave injustice of conscription for the intent of waging an unjust war. The key beneficiary of US mistreatment of Russian refugees is Vladimir Putin, who can use it to bolster his claims that the West is hostile to Russians, as this kind of.

I have also criticized the argument that we should bar Russians due to the fact they are accountable for the war in Ukraine. The similar goes for the much more general claim that citizens of unjust regimes have a obligation to stay dwelling and “repair their personal countries.”

For the reason that I am a Russian Jewish immigrant myself, some may perhaps suspect that I am advocating for Russians fleeing Putin out of some type of ethnic or racial sympathy or bias. Not so.  I have also long advocated for openness to Ukrainian refugees, as well. In a previous post, I shown some of my in depth writings advocating for opening Western doorways to predominantly non-white groups of migrants and refugees. Considering the fact that then, I have also penned this piece on the scenario for opening Western doorways to Chinese fleeing their governments cruel “Zero Covid” policies and other repression.