July 13, 2024


Equality opinion

Thought for the Day: On “PostModernism”

(Steven Hayward)

From Stephen Hicks&#8217 book, Describing Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault:

Any intellectual movement is outlined by its essential philosophical premises. These premises state what it takes to be genuine, what it is to be human, what is useful, and how awareness is acquired. That is, any intellectual movement has a metaphysics, a conception of human nature and values, and an epistemology. . .

Metaphysically, postmodernism is anti-realist, holding that it is impossible to communicate meaningfully about an unbiased present reality. Postmodernism substitutes as a substitute a social-linguistic, constructionist account of truth. Epistemologically, having turned down the idea of an independently current fact, postmodernism denies that cause or any other technique is a means of getting goal know-how of that fact. Owning substituted social-linguistic constructs for that actuality, postmodernism emphasizes the subjectivity, conventionality, and incommensurability of people constructions.

This is among the the causes why, each time participating the matter of postmodernism, I like to ask not only why are we having this dialogue, but how are we obtaining this conversation, if language itself lacks a foundation in aim reality?