December 5, 2023


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When Do You Need a Family Lawyer?

There are several reasons to hire a family lawyer. First, the law surrounding family law is complex and vital. You should not try to represent yourself in a family law case. An experienced attorney can help you find the best solution and advise you on your decisions. Lastly, you will want a lawyer dedicated to your cause and integrity.


Divorce and family lawyers represent clients in divorce and child custody proceedings. These legal proceedings often include child custody and support cases, and they may be revisited in the future as conditions change. Paternity cases may also be involved. While mothers often file for paternity to secure child support payments, biological fathers may also point to establishing their relationship with their children. The process typically involves DNA testing.

A divorce lawyer near me can be invaluable since divorce is often an emotional, conflicting, and stressful process. They offer the experience and knowledge necessary to represent you and your family successfully. These attorneys also specialize in alternative dispute resolution, which can often save clients money and time. They also offer confidential telephone consultations and are available to handle various cases.

An annulment

An annulment is a legal procedure that allows couples to dissolve their marriages legally. An annulment is a good option for couples married for only a short time. However, specific requirements must be met to be granted an annulment. A family law attorney can help you determine whether an annulment suits your situation.

Although annulment is similar to divorce, these two procedures have some essential differences. For example, an annulment cannot award spousal support or alimony. In addition, the repeal does not affect parental responsibilities regarding children. However, you will still need to negotiate a custody and visitation schedule. You will also need to determine whether you will pay child support to the noncustodial parent. Finally, your custody agreement will have to be approved by the court. Once approved, the judge will issue a final order in the best interests of your children.

An annulment can be granted if one spouse is mentally incapable of understanding the marriage at the time of marriage. In these situations, the spouse must have suffered mental or physical incapacity for five years before the annulment can be granted. Similarly, if your spouse was incompetent or suffered from an incurable illness, it is possible to obtain an annulment.

Child custody

Child custody issues are challenging and can significantly affect your child’s happiness and health. 

Child custody cases are often highly emotional and involve deep dives into finances and a parent’s character. They also involve complex aspects of the family laws in your state. If you have questions about the process, contact an attorney in your area and arrange a free consultation. An experienced child custody attorney will protect your rights and your family’s best interests.

Once a custody order is made, the two parents must work out a parenting schedule. The schedule is usually based on the child’s needs. If there has been a change in the child’s circumstances, the court can order a modification. However, to modify the parenting schedule, you must convince the court that the new arrangement is in the child’s best interest.

Separation of property

If you are getting a divorce, you will likely need to address the separation of property. Separate property is the property you own before marriage, but that is not necessarily equal to marital property. For example, you can hold a $20,000 certificate of deposit that you don’t have to share with your spouse. When you divorce, this property would typically not be part of the property distribution. If, however, you married your spouse and later transferred the CD funds into a joint account with your spouse, they would no longer be considered separate property and would be commingled with the marital property.

Separation of property is a huge issue that can be difficult to deal with, and an experienced family lawyer can help you get your property divided pretty. Also, when a marriage ends, a divorce lawyer will help you deal with the resulting issues so you can get on with your life.