July 13, 2024


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Why You Should Hire an Aurora Criminal Lawyer For Legal Defense

When Should You Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney? - eLawTalk.com

A criminal conviction can ruin your life with fines, probation and a permanent record. An Aurora Criminal Lawyer for Legal Defense and he will fight for your rights and help you avoid a conviction.

Aurora straddles two counties so the city’s attorneys must be familiar with both Arapahoe and Adams County court systems. A drug crime in Aurora can be charged at the state or federal level.


A criminal charge of assault can cause a person to have many concerns. These include worries about the impact on their personal relationships and job, the financial toll it may take, and even jail time. An Aurora criminal defense lawyer can help a client with these issues and protect their rights.

Defending an assault charge requires careful attention to the state laws. In some states, an assault requires physical contact and a serious injury, but in others, it does not. An example of this would be pointing a gun at someone, which can lead to an assault charge even if no physical harm occurs.

Whether you’re charged with misdemeanor or felony assault, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. He or she will listen to your side of the story and find any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you.


If you start a fight at a bar and punch the other person, you could be charged with Battery. An experienced Aurora Battery Defense Lawyer can help you get your charges dismissed or reduced.

In some cases, the State may charge you with a municipal ordinance violation instead of a criminal offense. Municipal ordinance violations are different than state crimes in that the city does not have to prove injury.

As a result, it is important to hire an Aurora municipal ordinance violation attorney to defend your rights. If you have a Municipal ordinance violation on your record, it will show up in background checks and can prevent you from getting a job or maintaining employment. Our criminal defense attorney understands the impact that these charges can have on a person’s life.


Harassment comes in a wide variety of forms and is generally considered to be a form of discrimination. In the workplace, this may involve unwelcome behavior that is based on race or color, religion, sex (including pregnancy and sexual orientation), national origin, age (over 40) or genetic information.

Examples of harassment can include a supervisor or coworker repeatedly removing equipment from the work station of an employee of another race or posting racial slurs on bulletin boards. In addition, harassment can have a negative impact on morale, productivity and teamwork.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of harassment, a lawyer can help you get a restraining order to stop it. They can also represent you in civil court to recover damages for your mental and emotional distress.

Drug Charges

If you are charged with a drug offense, it is critical that you find a good Aurora Criminal Defense Lawyer. This is because a conviction can cost you fines, jail time and many other lingering consequences.

An Aurora man was arrested last month after a four-month investigation into his local drug distribution operation. Police say they seized 80,000 fentanyl-laced counterfeit oxycodone pills, $500 in suspected Xanax and nearly $18,000 in cash.

Attorney Patricia Magana has worked as a prosecutor, giving her insight into the inner workings of the DA’s office and what the prosecution must prove to win your case. She can spot weaknesses in the evidence and help you put together a strong legal defense. She also can be present during any questioning by the police so that your rights are not violated.

White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes include a wide range of non-violent offenses that often involve financial transactions. These crimes are traditionally committed by business or government professionals and may be prosecuted at the state or federal level. Examples of these crimes include bribery, fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering.

The Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme is a recent example of how devastating these crimes can be for victims. The FBI estimates that white-collar crime costs the United States over $300 billion per year. While prosecutors are more likely to charge individuals, they also have the power to sanction companies as well.

A skilled Aurora criminal lawyer can help you fight white-collar charges, such as embezzlement, forgery, or identity theft. These defenses can lead to reduced charges or even a dismissal of the case.