February 26, 2024


Equality opinion

Episode 112: Attacking RAS – Premature Stop & Normal Driving Behavior

On today’s episode, Jake discusses two common ways to attack reasonable suspicion in impaired driving scenarios. Initially, Jake talks about how to argue that the officer has prematurely stopped your customer. Next, Jake explains the significance of arguing that your client’s driving fell within just the broad variety of regular driving habits. If the targeted traffic cease is not centered on the observation of a statutory violation, these two arguments are very likely to implement to your situation.


Master what the NHTSA guide lays out as the selections for an officer who is selecting no matter if or not to cease a auto suspected of DWI.


Hear Jake talk about how to articulate that the officer’s ideal system of motion was to go on to stick to the vehicle instead of halting it since the typical for RAS incorporates seeking at the stop through the eyes of a “cautious officer.”


Explore some of the circumstances that have looked at driving via the lens of “conduct falling within the wide selection of usual driving conduct.”