September 22, 2023


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Eye on John Kirby | Power Line

Eye on John Kirby | Power Line

Elon Musk’s acquire of Twitter, development of a new regime favoring no cost speech, and promise to account for the platform’s past censorship have to be a single of the most critical tales in the place. The Biden administration has now introduced that it is maintaining an “eye on Twitter” in the wake of Musk’s invest in. They yearn for the aged days when stories unfavorable to Biden were mercilessly barred from the system.

When administration spokesman John Kirby turned up for a section with Martha MacCallum (she/her/hers) yesterday on FOX Information. MacCallum place the Twitter challenges in the context of Apple’s noted lodging of Chinese authorities in suppressing the present-day protests and grilled Kirby on the administration’s posture. MacCallum grilled Kirby. If I comprehend what Kirby was indicating with his reference to CFIUS — a large if, I’m not indicating I do — Kirby raised a concern regarding the legality of Musk’s ownership of Twitter centered on Musk’s citizenship.

Musk has been a naturalized American citizen considering the fact that 2002. The Biden administration is hunting for a pretext to convey Musk to heel and stretching to generate an concern wherever none really should exist. If there is an eye to be retained, it ought to be kept on the Biden administration and its hostility to free speech.