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FIFA 23 Patch Notes 1.07 Update Today on December 01, 2022 – Game Updates

FIFA 23 Patch Notes 1.07 Update Today on December 01, 2022 – Game Updates

FIFA Greatest Team™

Addressed the pursuing problems:

  • Placeholder photographs could seem on the shot comparison graphic when in a match.
  • In the Milestones segment of the Targets screen, trophies did not always screen effectively.


Designed the pursuing changes:

  • Reduced the precision of Driven Lobbed By Passes aimed absent from the place the passer is dealing with.
  • Decreased the ball trajectory top of Driven Lobbed As a result of Passes.

Tackled the following issues:

  • In some cases, the ball provider could unintentionally operate around the ball when attempting to dribble with it.
  • In selected scenarios, the goalkeeper did not react to Floor Passes across the aim.
  • At times a contact for the duration of a dribble could knock the ball additional from the ball carrier than meant.
  • In some instances, properly run Via Passes could improperly lead to the ball to be hit out of play.
  • AI teammates could lunge for a ball that was considerably absent from them even when the Go Block Help setting was off.
    In some conditions, a defender could improperly try to protect the ball with no getting requested to do so.
  • When requesting an Outdoors Of The Foot Shot in some particular predicaments, a Aptitude Shot could have happened in its place.
  • When requesting a Aptitude Pass although locked to 1 participant, the CPU AI would not attempt to execute a Aptitude Go.
  • In rare throw in predicaments exactly where an further ball was current on the pitch and essential to be cleared, the player kicking the ball could have performed it with unwanted electricity.
  • The assistant referee starting off posture was not normally proper at the commence of a Playable Highlight.
  • In some situations, the goalkeeper could have incorrectly been authorized to select up the ball with their arms right after a player-managed teammate cleared the ball in the direction of them.
  • Improved referee logic when analyzing foul phone calls in cases wherever a player will make call with the goalkeeper.
  • In the course of Set Piece Talent Online games, the digicam would not usually the right way orient itself at the rear of the kick taker.

FIFA Planet Cup™

Resolved the subsequent situation:

  • In On line Tournaments, the Knockout Phase UI could have improperly highlighted both equally collaborating teams’ paths with the exact colour.
  • In the On the net Match closing, some post-match scenes did not play.
  • Addressed a steadiness concern that could arise when restarting Featured Quickplay matches.

Job Mode

Dealt with the next difficulty:

  • In Participant Profession, the goalkeeper Attribute did not constantly display appropriately on the Participant Expansion display.

Pro Golf equipment x VOLTA Football

Addressed the next difficulty:

  • Addressed a steadiness challenge that could take place in VOLTA ARCADE.

Normal, Audio, and Visual

Designed the adhering to change:

  • Up-to-date some badges, pre and post-match scenes, crowds, stadiums, kits, balls, headwear, facial hair, commentary traces, UI features, menu text, and advertisement boards.

Dealt with the next challenges:

  • An incorrect history could have exhibited when switching concerning the primary menu and Teaching Center.
  • Up to date situations of incorrect text.
  • Some films did not enjoy correctly in the principal menu.
  • In some instances, when deciding on a language, the on-screen flag could show incorrectly.
  • [PC Only] EA Social textual content enter did not constantly functionality effectively when utilizing the numpad.
  • Tackled occasions of numerous steadiness problems.

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