April 21, 2024


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István Kiraly, CEO of Antenna Hungária, has stepped down and is also leaving the 4iG group.

István Kiraly, CEO of Antenna Hungária, has stepped down and is also leaving the 4iG group.

As Computerworld.hu previously reported, the merger of 4iG’s telecoms portfolio with Antenna Hungária in April of this year completed the transformation process that transformed 4iG Nyrt from an IT system integrator into an international infocomm company. Group.

At that time, it was announced that 4iG’s board of directors would entrust the management of its telecommunications portfolio to Istvan Kiraly, who was named one of the managers with the most managerial experience and in-depth industry knowledge in the domestic telecommunications market. After that, as a top business leader, from July 1, he was assigned the duties of CEO. He was responsible for coordinating business processes, increasing the efficiency of the group through the use of operational synergies, and determining the strategy for joint development and the company’s business. telecommunications companies.

Judging by the report of the specialist, the joint work was not crowned with success. As he wrote:

The news you have read today is correct: I am stepping down as CEO of Antenna Hungária effective December 1, 2022 and leaving the 4iG group effective March 1, 2023. There are moments in life when the opinions of the owner and management diverge …

Since December 1, Laszlo Blenessy, Board Member of 4iG Plc. and previously responsible for this area, will take over the telecommunications division of the 4iG group of companies.

The specialist received a degree in technical informatics from the University of Pécs in 1993. In 1997 he joined Daten-Kontor Kft., one of the predecessors of today’s T-Systems in Hungary, where he became managing director and co-owner after several management positions. In 2011, Daten-Kontor became a subsidiary of the Magyar Telekom group, where he led the company as an executive director. In subsequent years, he co-managed the enterprise application development division of IQSYS Zrt. and the company “Daten-Kontor”. Since 2018, he has worked as an advisor to the CEO of INNObyte Zrt. Since 2020, he has acquired a majority stake in the company and has been responsible for managing the commercial and production processes, as well as the direction of strategy, innovation and business development. In 2020, a majority stake in INNObyte Zrt was acquired by 4iG, after which he was elected to the board of directors of the capital market company.

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