November 30, 2022


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Law Firms Giving Back – Community Events, Fundraisers, and Volunteering Opportunities

Many law firms host community events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities throughout the year. These activities are a great way for the firm to give back to the community, while also getting its name out there. Plus, charity work goes a long way to making a good impression on the public.

Here are a few examples of how law firms give back to their community.

Charity Golf Tournaments

Lawyers love golf. Clients love golf. Sponsoring golf tournaments is a natural expression of community involvement for many law firms. By making tournaments open to the public, a charity golf tournament draws in many participants from around the community. In many of these events, in addition to playing in the tournament, participants can also purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win prizes donated by local businesses. The tournament raises money for local organizations and adds to the law firm’s good name.

Community Law Clinics

Another popular form of community involvement is offering a free law clinic several times throughout the year that is open to anyone in the community. These events are big draws for people who have a family law issue like divorce, child custody/support/medication, or other related problems. Attorneys volunteer their time and energy to provide complimentary legal aid to residents who can’t normally afford it otherwise. Many people who come to these clinics have never met a lawyer, so there are multiple benefits. Not only do they get the help they need, but they can see the possibility of working in a new field. Or even start thinking about sending their children to law school.

Pro Bono Work

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation, almost 90 percent of law firms do some form of pro bono work each year. Lawyers working at firms with a pro bono policy, on average, devoted 48.7 hours to pro bono work as opposed to the Lawyers without a pro bono policy who only did an average of 21.6 hours.

While the majority of firms have a pro bono coordinator, on average, lawyers at firms without coordinators dedicated to pro bono averaged 79.6 hours over 12 months, compared to those with a coordinator averaging 29.6 hours during that same period. We found that this was mostly due to small firms that don’t have coordinators but still perform a high number of pro bono hours..

Supporting the Local Chamber of Commerce

The local chamber of commerce is often the center of business activities in a community. In addition, the chamber promotes the interests of the local business community. By supporting local businesses, law firms help create local jobs and spread a positive message in the community. For example, Hassett & George ( hosts an annual Tiki Bar at the Granby-Simsbury Chamber Golf Tournament, and our employees were more than happy to volunteer their time to help raise community awareness of all the great things available at the Granby-Simsbury Chamber of Commerce.

These are just a few examples of law firms giving back to their community through events, fundraisers, and volunteering opportunities. Giving back is an important part of being a responsible business, and these firms set a great example for others to follow. If your firm is interested in participating in similar activities, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or United Way office for more information.