October 19, 2021


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Law organization offers update on lawsuits involving Catholic dioceses, alleged clergy perpetrators | St. Lawrence County

OGDENSBURG — A digital push celebration on Tuesday offered an update on lawsuits involving Catholic dioceses and alleged clergy perpetrators filed underneath the New York Youngster Victims Act between August 2019 and December 2020.

“This is the now the 22nd Anderson report that has been unveiled to aid determine perils in the communities, to aid survivors know wherever they are and who they are, to determine those people establishments and Catholic bishops throughout this place who have been complicit in making it possible for children to have been abused, and to do what we can with every single survivor, just one at a time to make guaranteed that we are executing some thing right now to guard kids tomorrow,” reported attorney Jeff Anderson, founder of the law company Jeff Anderson and Associates.

In the course of a virtually hour-prolonged presentation, Mr. Anderson in-depth the expenses in opposition to the 8 dioceses in New York and the alleged perpetrators in each diocese. He said the information and facts was assembled by the firm’s analysts employing information from the condition.

“Under the Child Victims Act, survivors in New York have been offered an opportunity to have a voice, to lay a declare as a Jane Doe or as a John Doe or using any other that they decide on, and to sue the offender and individuals that have enabled the offenses to have occurred. Right until the Little one Victims Act was passed, they weren’t offered a likelihood to have this voice, to consider this action, to induce a measure of accountability and expose the offenders and all those that authorized it to happen,” Mr. Anderson said.

He stated the vast majority of the promises from individuals and identities have not been thoroughly evaluated in civil or criminal court docket and all folks should be deemed innocent right until established guilty.

“These are merely the civil filings and the problems themselves and the facts contained in that general public information,” he stated.

There have been 2,801 civil issues filed versus Catholic dioceses that alleged childhood sexual abuse across the condition. Mr. Anderson claimed his organization signifies 1,007, or 36{dcfa4b42334872b3517041d7075c48816e8f617446b245cec30e8949517ffd84} of those people scenarios.

“Of the whole alleged perpetrators determined in the civil complaints involving the Catholic church in New York, there are 1,427 priests, brothers and lay lecturers recognized,” he said.

Of individuals, 959 civil grievances contain clergymen, he claimed.

In the Archdiocese of New York, there have been 400 alleged perpetrators, 231 of whom had been monks. In the Diocese of Albany, there have been 145 alleged perpetrators, 93 of whom ended up priests. There ended up 301 alleged perpetrators, 183 of whom had been clergymen, in the Diocese of Brooklyn. The Diocese of Buffalo was recorded as obtaining 244 alleged perpetrators, 205 of whom had been priests.

In the Diocese of Syracuse, there have been 89 alleged perpetrators, 68 of whom had been monks, while there have been 144 alleged perpetrators, 99 of whom were being clergymen in the Diocese of Rockville Middle, and 136 alleged perpetrators, 91 of whom have been monks in the Diocese of Rochester.

The Diocese of Ogdensburg has an alleged 39 perpetrators, 38 of whom have been monks, Mr. Anderson mentioned.

There have been 710 lawsuits involving the Archdiocese of New York, 266 involving the Diocese of Albany, 571 involving the Diocese of Brooklyn, 498 involving the Diocese of Buffalo, 316 involving the Diocese of Rochester, 228 involving the Diocese of Rockville Centre, 157 involving the Diocese of Syracuse and 80 involving the Diocese of Ogdensburg, for a overall of 2,801.

The major 5 alleged perpetrators statewide are Father Francis Vogt from the Diocese of Rochester with 52 lawsuits Rudy Tremaroli, a mentor at a college in the Archdiocese of Albany with 32 lawsuits Edwin “Ted” Gaynor, a health and fitness center trainer/coach at a university in the Archdiocese of New York with 26 lawsuits Father Robert O’Neill from the Diocese of Rochester with 26 lawsuits and Father Donald W. Becker from the Diocese of Buffalo with 24 lawsuits.

“The positions of alleged perpetrators that are determined in the grievances as monks are 959 statewide,” Mr. Anderson reported.

Of the 80 lawsuits against the Diocese of Ogdensburg, 79 are from the diocese, 67 are from parishes/church buildings, eight are in opposition to universities and 12 are versus spiritual orders.

30-nine persons have been identified as accused perpetrators in the Diocese of Ogdensburg. Of individuals, 38 were being identified as clergy and a person was identified as a layperson.

The top alleged perpetrators in the Diocese of Ogdensburg include Father John Fallon, with 8 lawsuits, Father Liam O’Doherty with eight lawsuits, Father Emile Lalonde with six lawsuits, Father Edward Franklin with 4 lawsuits, and Father Albert Plante with four lawsuits.

6 lawsuits involving two alleged perpetrators have been filed versus the Church of the Holy Angels in Altoona, and four lawsuits involving Father O’Doherty have been filed against St. Anne’s Church in St. Regis Falls.

In February, the Diocese of Ogdensburg was named as a defendant in a lawsuit submitted in state Supreme Court docket. The plaintiff, recognized in courtroom files as LG 83 DOE, filed suit Feb. 17 in state Supreme Court in St. Lawrence County towards the diocese and St. John the Baptist Church in Keeseville, which is a hamlet that straddles the border of Clinton and Essex counties.

The plaintiff is a resident of New York point out and was born in 1963.

In the suit, it’s alleged that Monsignor Thomas J. Robillard, who is now dead, committed acts of sexual assault, battery, rape and extra towards the plaintiff. The alleged functions happened concerning the years of 1970 and 1973 at the Keeseville church.

Monsignor Robillard, an Ogdensburg indigenous, served at many other church buildings in St. Lawrence and Lewis counties throughout his job with the diocese. He retired in 1993 and resided in Norfolk till his death.

Monsignor Robillard died at Claxton-Hepburn Health-related Middle in March 2009. He was 91 years aged.

Less than the Youngster Victims Act, individuals have till Aug. 14 to file a declare except for the Diocese of Syracuse. Since that diocese has declared reorganization under Chapter 11, Mr. Anderson stated there are only 8 times still left as of Tuesday to file a assert.

“There is constrained time for each and every survivor to share his or her voice and for each and every survivor to know that they can share that magic formula and do so privately and provide a civil motion as a John Doe or as a Jane Doe and protect that privacy and have the possibility to have their voice heard, to identify an offender and maintain all those accountable,” he said. “We listen to you, we believe that you, it’s time.”

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