February 4, 2023


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To be pro-Semitic should not mean being anti-thought – Alton Drew, Consiglieri

The phrase, “anti-Semitic” has been thrown around a whole lot these times. Right here is the definition of the term, “Semitic.”

Semitic refers to a key group of African and Asian languages which includes Hebrew and Arabic.

Semitic is an adjective which in popular parlance mistakenly refers specifically to Jewish things, when the time period basically refers to items originating between speakers of Semitic languages or individuals descended from them, and in a linguistic context to the northeastern subfamily of Afro-Asiatic.

Equally Arabs and Jews are Semites.

I personally believe that the term anti-Semitic has grow to be a capture phrase to prevent dialogue that is made up of opposing political viewpoints. We ought to be conscious when jumping on media bandwagons.

Alton Drew

25 October 2022

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