July 13, 2024


Equality opinion


Whether you or your loved one has been injured due to someone else’s reckless negligence, you deserve to be compensated for it. The compensation is not only for physical damage but also for emotional and financial. Being injured can take a significant toll on our mental health. When in a similar situation, reach out to a personal injury lawyer. Yegendorf Law Firm has been one of the leading names in the industry for the longest time. They have helped numerous clients get the compensation they truly deserve. Following are the different types of cases handled by a personal injury lawyer.

Product Liability

Have you faced damages because of products? For example – the phone catching fire. The manufacturers, distributors and retailers must ensure that the products they produce, distribute and sell are up to the safety, health and industry standards that have been set. If you have faced injuries due to defective goods, you should reach out to a lawyer. The injured have rights and they will be there to fight for them.

Slip and Fall

An injury is said to be a slip and fall when you sustain an injury due to a fall on someone else’s property. This could be a business, neighbour or government property. The slip usually happens due to their negligence which gave rise to dangerous conditions like icy sidewalks, improperly graded staircase, low lighting, gaps in walking and not adhering to municipal or provincial safety and building codes. The owner of the property is responsible for taking care of it and ensuring that no danger is posed to anyone. When this happens, a lawyer will help you to seek the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Disputes

Often when we need insurance coverage, the company shuts us out. Even when we have been paying for the plan for years. It is a common phenomenon which can lead to stress. Especially when recovering, it can be an overwhelming feeling. The lawyers have years of experience in dealing with an insurance disputes. They will work to ensure that you get the complete coverage which has been wrongfully denied.

Long-term disability claim

Facing long-term disability isn’t easy. It could be due to a physical injury, emotional trauma or a chronic and progressive illness. When this happens, it takes a significant amount of toll, especially when you can no longer work. At this time, when you need compensation for the time you have served, you might find that the benefits have been denied. The lawyers at Yegendorf Law have years of experience in representing employees and helping them get their well-deserved compensation.

Motor vehicle accident

A motor vehicle accident can change life as we know it. Apart from dealing with emotional stress, multiple other things need to be taken care of. For example, a replacement vehicle, analyzing police reports, rehabilitation, getting paperwork done, getting appropriate funding and navigating the statutory and regulatory framework. All of this sounds overwhelming. Having a lawyer makes the process easier. While they take care of everything, you can concentrate on getting better.