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When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge

When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge

Benevolence is an act accomplished for the sake of yet another, out of really like, compassion or generosity of heart, not in return and not out of coercion. In Judaism this is called a mitzvah, which consists of connectivity, any type of aiding and helping others, with one’s body, revenue and soul.

Israel is known to be a mild to the nations, or mild for all nations. This time period originated from the prophet Isaiah which interprets by lots of into the Israelites common designation as mentors for spiritual and moral steerage for the overall entire world: “He states: ‘It is easy for you to be my servant, to set up the tribes of Jacob, and to carry back again the besieged Israel and I will make you a light for the Gentiles, to be My salvation to the ends of the earth.’” ~ Isaiah 49:6.

When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge 1
Chanukah, 8th candle-Sunday, December 29, 2019-Picture Nurit Greenger

Chanukah the Festival of Victory, Liberation, and Lights

The Maccabees have been victorious versus the Greeks they liberated the Temple in Jerusalem, discovered a jar of oil that was intended to produce light for a single day and miraculously the oil fueled the light-weight for eight times. In the conclude every little thing worked out in a significantly miraculous way.

And the Hanukkah getaway, what does the term ‘Hanukkah’ imply? There are a number of explanations for this and listed here we explore only a person:

When you obtain a new home, you hold a housewarming get together, in Hebrew it is identified as Chanukat HaBayit. In this case, with the building of the Initially Temple, the setting up acquired housewarming consecration. Through the Maccabees, Hasmonean dynasty times – ruled the land of Israel from 167 BCE to 37 BCE – the invading Greeks broke into the Temple and defiled it. On the 25th working day of the Hebrew month of Kislev the Temple was liberated by the Maccabees. Right after the liberation they held Chanukat HaBayit, a re-devotion and purification of the Temple ceremony. The Hanukkah holiday getaway is named soon after that ceremony.

US-AZ cultural foundation logo
US-AZ Cultural Foundation brand.

Azerbaijan, US-AZ Cultural Basis and Chanukah

For 30 yrs Armenia illegally occupied 20% of Azerbaijan’s land. In 2022, with a 44-working day war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, this profession arrived to a victorious conclude for Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani nation’s spirit turned from despair to hope.

Liberation is joyous but it is humanly highly-priced. Quite a few Azerbaijani troopers were wounded for the duration of this war.

Israel is acknowledged to be a region that is one simply call absent to appear assistance any individual wherever.

In 2021, regardless of the COVID pandemic’s obstructions the entire world confronted, a delegation of Israeli medical practitioners arrived in Baku, the capital metropolis of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and operated on 150 Azerbaijani soldiers’ eyes. A lot of acquired prosthetic eyes and also went by way of facial reparation surgical procedures in purchase to give them an appearance with which they can be noticed in general public with confidence.

The eye of 1 wounded soldier, Arif Hajiyev, could be saved. A cornea was requested and flown from Israel’s cornea bank and was properly transplanted in Arif’s weakened eye, by “cataract extraction, intraocular lens implantation and corneal graft” triple procedure, all accomplished beneath a humanitarian spirit act. An act of goodwill.

Benevolence for Azerbaijani wounded veteran Arif Hajiyev - photo Nurit Greenger
Azerbaijani wounded veteran Arif Hajiyev – photo Nurit Greenger

US-AZ Cultural Foundation Joins Benevolence Act

US-AZ Cultural Basis‘s function is to advance relations between Azerbaijan, the United States, Israel and the West in Common.

As a gesture of benevolence and light-weight unto the nations act, with the generous help of ‘The Condition Committee for Diaspora Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan‘, the Condition of Israel and Chabad-Lubavitch of South La Cienega, Los Angeles, California, on the initially day of the Chanukah Competition, December 18, 2022, US-AZ Cultural Basis, a United States Basis, Nurit Greenger, Founder, and her crew, are humbled and honored to announce that they will accompany veteran Arif to Israel, in which he will meet and thank, in human being, his cornea donor’s family members and reconnect with his cornea transplant functioning physician, Yishay Falick, MD.

It is Azerbaijani wounded soldier Arif’s Chanukat eyesight: Israel, as a light unto the nations, Chanukah identified as the Festival of Gentle and an Israeli ophthalmologist, Dr. Falick, has built it achievable to give wounded soldier Arif Hajiyev the capacity to see the gentle once again.When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge 2When Israeli Benevolence and Light Unto the Nations Merge 3

Closing a diplomatic circle

The United States and Israel have experienced embassies in Baku, the cash of Azerbaijan for the past 30 several years.

In 1992, following its independence from the Soviet Union, the United States established diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan obtaining an embassy in Baku, and Azerbaijan getting an embassy in Washington D.C. With each other, the two countries do the job to boost European electrical power security, broaden bilateral trade and investment decision, and battle terrorism and transnational threats.

On December 25, 1991, Israel formally identified the independence of Azerbaijan, turning out to be a person of the 1st states to do so, and founded diplomatic relations with the state on April 7, 1992 with Israel possessing an embassy in Baku. The two international locations maintain decades of bilateral relations with powerful trade and economic partnership in energy, startup, protection, agriculture, medicine, and additional.

The lacking website link in the diplomatic triangle has been Azerbaijan. On Friday, December 18, 2022, the Republic of Azerbaijan parliament passed a historic law to open up an embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel, producing Azerbaijan the first Shi’ite Muslim-greater part country to mail a leading-rank diplomatic mission to Israel.

All functions of benevolence are in the spirit of harmonious coexistence, respect, collaboration and guidance in between nations.